Product Description

Hamilton is a surface mounted wall luminaire developed to brighten the night and outdoor building facade using the high performance of COB LED light source. The outdoor lighting fixture is designed with a simple rectangle shape and vertical stripe pattern to complete a rhythmical concept for various outdoor applications. Either down lighting or up and down lighting is optional for the convenience of user application and outdoor environment. With the high-quality reflector along with the integrated COB technology, it provides low-dazzle and outstanding light output for comfort.

Product Features

· High-performance LED COB module
· 3-step MacAdam ellipse
· High-efficiency reflector optic
· Clear tempered glass
· Cast aluminum, Extruded aluminum
· Dark gray (powder-coated) color
· Protection class IP65
· 220~240Vac 50~60Hz integral driver
· LED color temperature optionally 3000K or 4000K
· On/Off Switchable control

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Projects using HAMILTON
ⓐ 포레나 광교, 수원
ⓑ 파비상가, 서울
ⓒ 알파돔시티, 성남