Product Description

Prime is a linear luminaire using an advanced high-quality LED light source. The outdoor lighting fixture is designed with a polygonal bar shape to enhance the slim design concept. The luminaire is specially designed for the continuous linear light effect between luminaires. RGB and diverse color temperatures are available with a high lumen output LED light source. The fixture provides IP 65 rated excellent waterproof performance.

Product Features

· High-performance LED module
· High-efficiency lens optic
· Clear tempered glass
· Diecast aluminum, Extruded aluminum
· 180˚ tiltable adjustable bracket
· Dark gray (powder-coated) color
· Protection class IP65
· 24Vdc remote driver
· LED color temperature optionally 3000K or 4000K or 5000K
· LED available with RGB
· On/Off Switchable or DMX control

Product Configurator


Color temperature(K)


Size (W x D x H mm)

Projects using PRIME
ⓐ W 스퀘어, 부산
ⓑ 예산 윤봉길체육관
ⓒ 래미안 루센티아, 서울