Product Description

Woody is a landscape bollard luminaire developed to illuminate the ground using the high performance of the LED light source. The outdoor lighting fixture is designed to complete the unique and eco-friendly two-tone with a mushroom-shaped lighting head and red cedar wooden pole that protects against moisture and sunlight The luminaire that features the lowdazzle omnidirectional light distribution brightly blends into any outdoor landscape environment. The bollard provides the merit of the aesthetic appearance and anti-dazzle.

Product Features

· High-performance LED module
· White opal acrylic
· Cast aluminum
· Wooden pole
· Dark gray (powder-coated) color
· Protection class IP65
· 220~240Vac 50~60Hz integral driver
· LED color temperature optionally 3000K or 4000K
· On/Off Switchable control

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Projects using WOODY
ⓐ 나무호텔, 서울
ⓑ 대명리조트, 청송
ⓒ 보타닉 푸르지오 시티, 서울